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We team up with focused business professionals, investors, funds and companies who want to prosper in Brazil!
There is a opportunity-rich and robust business environment in Brazil and Rio de Janeiro as they quickly transform to be the economical hub for the energy business in South America. The U.S. Consulate projects 10 to 15% yearly growth in the State of Rio de Janeiro. This is projected to be twice as fast as the rest of the country, and will be 20% of the GDP of Brazil.

From all over the World, people are coming to Brazil to invest and prosper. Our group can assist foreign businesses to find the right Brazilian partners in business to take advantage of this explosive growth. We can also help Brazilian entrepreneurs form successful business strategies to attract, manage and close foreign investments for their firms.

We are an intelligence resource for navigating all of the risks and creating value for you and your company. There is an important and distinctive business culture in Brazil, and Rio de Janeiro is the right place to be if you want to grow and thrive. Let us introduce this culture to you to let you invest wisely and profitably.

Our executive team has years of experience with oil and gas, infrastructure, transport, and business investment and management in Brazil. This unique perspective as international business professionals, living and working in Brazil, provides us the understanding of the idiosyncrasies of doing business here. It is the right place to be to catch the opportunities in a volatile world economy.


One of our best clients once described us as "door openers", we are a group who makes successful deals happen.  We direct the players to get the best opportunities and manage the "Brazilian Way" of business for our overseas clients..

We are located in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro to take advantage of this projected explosive growth.

Team up with the expert investment consultants in Brazil.

26/11/2011 Brazil is still interesting for foreign oil companies tells Petrobras!


Apartment rentals in Rio de Janeiro

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Rio Investment Consulting
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